2020-06-18 11:08:08

    CES developed an advice on how to make office buildings virus free, taking into consideration three important measures. In order to contribute to the containment of the present Covid-19 virus, as well as in order to avoid the spread of any other virus now and in the future in new or existing office buildings, CES has decided to publish its advice in public. CES offers a consultant service in the field of energy, technical installations and sustainability. Fur further information about the imple ... read more

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    2017-12-22 10:01:54

    BPI (Groupe CFE) organized an event on the 14th of December 2017 to present its Key West project to selected guests. On the program, for the first block soon developed by BPI (in partnership with Land Invest Group) as part of the urban development plan in Anderlecht "Biestebroeck" : 47,000 m² of housing, and 16,000 m² of offices, shops, restaurants and shops. "Architects A2RC (B) and Henning Larsen (Dk) drew the design of the project, we are launching the studies on t ... read more

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  • Victoria Regina Tower renovated

    2017-10-31 08:30:17

    After 37 years of intensive use, the Botanical Tower is outdated and needs renovation.In two years, architectural office A2RC obtained the building permit for this project, now named "Victoria-Regina".The current owner, Banco Santander, decided to launch this big project in September this year. The project is ideally located on the edge of the Ring and is fully equipped with triple glazing.For Banco Santander this is not their first project of such a size. Proof of this was already pr ... read more

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  • Infinity redefines the concept of living in Luxembourg

    2017-10-16 13:41:46

    On Thursday 27 April, IMMOBEL LUXEMBOURG laid the first stone of the INFINITY combined urban complex. The concept won the development competition in 2015. The event marks the revitalisation of a district that has, until now, been given over mainly to the tertiary and administrative sectors and opens the way to an urban renewal. INFINITY is therefore a pioneer in that this is the first project in Luxembourg to offer a vertical solution rising to such a height in the residential sector, there ... read more

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  • Chambon site is given a new life

    2017-04-06 11:43:15

    The historic Chambon complex won the award for Best Refurbished Building at the MIPIM Awards 2017 in Cannes on 16 March. The former headquarters of the Caisse Générale d’Epargne et de Retraite (CGER),located right in the centre of Brussels, has been fully renovated to respond to the growing demand for high-quality accommodation in the heart of the capital of Europe. The complex has been seamlessly renovated, with a view to sustainability and versatility. While 60% of the C ... read more

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  • CES in national broadcast ‘Terzake’

    2015-11-05 12:05:59

    ‘Terzake’ takes a close look at the increasing amount of green buildings in Brussels. The Astro tower will be the highest passive building in Brussels, and one of the highest passive buildings in Europe. The renovation of this building will be finished in 2016 and needs to comply with the new passive standards of Brussels. CES is the responsable engineering office in charge of engineering consultancy for all technical equipments. Client : Luri 1 + Luri 2 Project Manager: Forum ... read more

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  • Vishay : Provisional reception

    2014-12-24 10:17:23

    Works began in July 2013, and before the end of December 2014, the rest home “Résidence Dunant” in Evere will be ready to be handed over to its new leaser Armonea, a specialised operator for nursing homes in Belgium. This rest home is part of the Vishay Development in Evere, Brussels, a mixed project enclosing apartments, retail areas, offices etc.To build this rest home, Cofinimmo opted for an overall level of thermal insulation K27, which is better than the K regulatory ... read more

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  • Nieuw Zuid : First tree planting

    2014-12-24 10:13:37

    26 November 2014 : First tree planting for the Nieuw Zuid Project in Antwerp Mr. Bart De Wever, mayor of Antwerp, and Mr. Rob Van De Velde, city council member for urban development, planted a symbolic first tree on the site of Nieuw Zuid. The total surface of this site is 18 hectares, of which 12 hectares will be used as a green lung for this new urban development. The aim is to connect all the different buildings on this site to a central district heating, in order to achieve an en ... read more

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  • Kick-off of the renovation works

    2014-12-24 09:59:52

    The characteristically gold-coloured building envelope is being removed piece by piece, and replaced by a new building envelope made out of blue mirror glass. Client : Luri 1 and Luri 2 Architect : Estudio Lamela, Altiplan Project details

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  • Inauguration Public SME Busines Park 'Paepsem' in Anderlecht

    2014-03-11 17:41:55

    The public business park 'Paepsem' in Anderlecht was inaugurated on the 14th of February 2014. This industrial site of 12.500 m2, which is property of CPAS Brussels, provides 6.000 m2 of workshops and adjustable buildings for Small and Medium Size Enterprises. Thanks to the thermal insulation of the building envelopes , and the contractor's ecological approach during construction (waste, water-use, materials,...), this projects was selected as a 'IBGE/BIM Exemplary Buildin ... read more

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  • Belview Brussels wins International Property Award

    2014-03-11 17:38:01

    The Belview Project in Brussels, jointly developed by Allfin and BPI, was elected ‘Best Mixed Use Building in the World’ at the International Property Awards sponsored by Virgin Atlantic and Yamaha. Belview comprises 29.000 m² of residential accommodation (205 apartments sold), 5.000 m² of offices (pre-sold to a German investor), 1.700 m² of retail units and 196 parking spaces. Due for completion this year, Belview is in the heart of the European district of Brussels close to both the Europ ... read more

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  • Astro Tower : The Future Headquarter of Actiris

    2014-03-11 15:14:50

    The Brussels Agency for Job Mediation (Actiris) has revealed its choice to have its headquarters in the Astro Tower. Actiris would rent an office space of 36.000 m² for a period of 25 years. The Astro Tower needs a profound renovation, and if everything goes to plan, Actiris can move into this building at the end of 2015. The Spanish owners of the 107 m high building have been preparing the profound renovation work for many years. The building dates back to seventies and has got a ... read more

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  • New Passive AXA Headquarters in Brussels

    2013-08-30 15:20:53

    In 2017 Axa will move its headquarters from the green Brussels periphery to the financial, economical, and commercial center of the European capital. Axa will move into three neighbouring buildings situated at Trone and Regent. The building on the right has got a classified and protected façade, and therefore will only be renovated and insulated from the inside as well as fit with new windows. The building in the middle will be demolished and replaced with a totally new and modern looking ... read more

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  • Residential Project ‘Wolfabriek’

    2013-08-29 15:43:41

    On the grounds of the former wool factory in the centre of Lot, CFE and Woonpunt Zennevallei (regional social housing department) will raise a 18.400 m² residential project. Some of the original buildings, such a factory hall, the large chimney and the main portal will be preserved and fully integrated in this high quality, green and durable residential project. Divided over 7 blocks, this site will consist of 21 houses, 105 apartments and 22 lofts, of which 12 houses and 43 apartments ... read more

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  • Watersite Vilvoorde - De Molens

    2013-08-29 15:30:45

    Part of the big urban renewal project called Watersite in the city of Vilvoorde, the project ‘De Molens’ will be located on the deserted business area situated at the Sluisstraat. This new city quarter will create new working, living and recreation space. CES started in august 2013 the technical engineering studies for a low rise building of 4 floors high, next to the Park Drie Fonteinen, and alongside the river Zenne. This residential building will consist of 138 apartments. CES was ... read more

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  • First Stone RVT Ter Meeren

    2011-02-22 13:20:39

    Last friday, the 18th of February, the first stone was laid of the Rest and Care Center TER MEEREN in Huldenberg. This new building will have a capacity of 75 living units for a permanent stay, 4 units for short stays and a day-care centre with 13 units. Link to the Project Information Sheet  

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  • Provisional acceptance of the Volta Office Building in Brussels

    2011-02-09 15:14:02

    At the beginning of December 2010, CES agreed with the provisional acceptance of the renovation works of this office building, being the ancient headquarter of Siemens in Belgium. The renovation of this building started with the renovation of the building envelope, preceded by a feasibility study carried out by CES using probes to examine the energy values of the existing outer walls. The renovation also included the interior of the building: all the HVAC, electricity, sanitary and elevators ... read more

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  • Opening Harbor Pavilion at the MAS in Antwerp

    2011-02-08 09:13:23

    The Harbor Pavilion, the second pavilion at the foot of the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) in Antwerp, officially opened his doors last Saturday, the fifth of February. In this pavilion visitors can watch the big tanker ships entering the harbor on a 360° ensemble of computer screens  projecting live images of the navigation activities in the harbor.  In this way the founder of this pavilion, the Port of Antwerp, wanted to give the audience the opportunity t ... read more

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  • CHR Namur : Provisional acceptance of the first stage: the ice water production

    2011-01-03 09:12:27

    CHR Namur : Provisional acceptance of the first stage: the ice water production At the end of December 2010, CES agreed with the provisional acceptance of the first stage of the renovation of the hospital : the renovation and extension works for the ice water production and distribution.  The three existing but ancient cooling machines on top of the roof of Bloc G were replaced by two new chillers, one with an air condensation capacity of 600 kW, the other 800 kW. The provisional accept ... read more

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    2010-10-22 15:44:17

    The RDBM/CES/VANRANSBEECK team won the prestigious I2C CONCEPT HEALTH CARE AWARD 2010 with their rest-home project called “sustainability … with the feet on the ground” in Mortsel. This award was one of the I2C HEALTH CARE AWARDS, assigned by a professional jury on October 15th 2010 during the Health Care trade fair. The professional jury chose our project out of the numerous high quality projects submitted. The goal of this contest is to stimulate the innovat ... read more

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  • Welcome to our new website

    2010-10-01 14:04:26

    Dear visitors, Welcome to our refreshed website. Please have a look at our fields of activities and services, as well as to our elaborated references database. This references database will be kept up to date regularly, to show you our new projects, new pictures and new project information. Thank you for your visit, The CES team.

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