2014-03-11 15:14:50

The Brussels Agency for Job Mediation (Actiris) has revealed its choice to have its headquarters in the Astro Tower. Actiris would rent an office space of 36.000 m² for a period of 25 years.
The Astro Tower needs a profound renovation, and if everything goes to plan, Actiris can move into this building at the end of 2015.

The Spanish owners of the 107 m high building have been preparing the profound renovation work for many years.
The building dates back to seventies and has got a characteristicly gold-coloured building envelope. The new building envelope will be made out of blue mirror glass, and in addition to this, the inside of the tower will be completely refurbished.

Client : Luri 1 and Luri 2
Architect : Estudio Lamela, Altiplan

Project details

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