2017-10-31 08:30:17

After 37 years of intensive use, the Botanical Tower is outdated and needs renovation.
In two years, architectural office A2RC obtained the building permit for this project, now named "Victoria-Regina".
The current owner, Banco Santander, decided to launch this big project in September this year. The project is ideally located on the edge of the Ring and is fully equipped with triple glazing.
For Banco Santander this is not their first project of such a size. Proof of this was already provided by another major renovation project launched by Banco Santander: Astro Towers.
In 2019 the 23-storey tower will have a surface area of 25,000 m². The entire surface is passively certified. The different spaces, with views on the botanical garden, will be available for both rental and sale. There are also possibilities for using two modular spaces together

Project details