Feasibility study of cogeneration unit in Walloon region

The purpose of this type of study is to investigate thetechnical and economic feasibility of a cogeneration plant of a building willing to install more than 10 kWp of photovoltaic panels on his roof.

This study follows the "methodology for the audits todemonstrate that a cogeneration unit is not technicallyfeasible or does not guarantee a payback on investment of less than 5 years" published by CWaPE. It is performed to meetone of three conditions for obtaining financial support (as a multiplier of 4CV/MWhe) related to the production of photovoltaic electricity.

Ibam records thirty of these studies thus enabling effective respond  to  the demand.

Feasibility study for installation of renewable energy sources

In the Walloon Region, for all new buildings with a floor space of over 1000 m² subject toplanning permission, a technical feasibility study, considering environmental and economicrequirements is compulsory. ibam is certified for this study.

In Brussels Capital Region, in the case of large areas to build or renovate (> 1000 m² for new buildings,> 5000 m for major refurbishment), a feasibility study must be attached to the PEb proposal. This is a study that shows whether ecological alternative techniques(photovoltaic, solar ...) could be used in place of traditional techniques. ibam is certified forthis study.

CES performs techno economic feasibility studies for the following technologies:

  • Wind energy
  • Photovoltaic energy
  • Thermo-solar energy
  • Hydro-Electric Power
  • Study of cogeneration
  • Study of CAP system (heat pump)

The feasibility study may be subsidized by the IBGE as by the Walloon Region for 50% of the amount depending on the type of technology