Building Engineering
and Sustainable Development

Victoria Tower is a building of 24 floors constructed between 1974 and 1978. The architecture identity is assumed as an archetypical value and it is used as the starting point for future development. The renovation aspires to transform the existing structure into a low energy and fossil-free building. This building will be one of Brussels most durable building. This refurbishment maximizes the reuse of building materials.  The façade is conditioned by the ambition to allow multiple possible uses at once. The façade will make it possible to organize a different composition of the building programme, bringing extra value to adaptability, longetivity and ecologic resources. The tower offers a unique environment to work, meet and live in the North District of Brussels. In addition to the private office space, tenants will have access to a wide range of equipment in this mixed-use project, such as co-working space, meeting rooms, an hotel, a restaurant and a rooftop bar. 
The tower is easily accessible by transport as well as by car. It has an underground parking with 279 car places and 125 bikes places. She is located near the metro station Botanique (5 min walk) as well as the train stations, Brussels North station (5 min walk) and Brussels Central Station (12 min walk).

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