Building Engineering
and Sustainable Development

The modern architecture of the different buildings keeps a strong emphasis on the sustainability and on the use of durable materials, in order to achieve an energy neutral heating comfort, or less than 15kWh/m²/year. The aim is to connect the different buildings to a central district heating.
Part A of Building 1 consists of 45 apartments and 2 royal penthouses, Part B consists of 23 apartments and 4 royal penthouses.
Building 2 consists of 29 apartments, divided over 5 floors.
Building 6 consists of  141 apartments, divided over 18 floors, and an hotel in a adjacent wing of 4 floors.
Part A of Building 9 consists of 42 apartments divided over 7 floors, and Part B consists of  24 apartments divided over 4 floors.
Part C of Building 9 consists of 116 apartments, offices and retail areas divided over 24 floors. This residential tower redefines the residential high-rise as a vertical social community. The 5.000 m² of roof terraces, winter gardens and balconies are a green eye catcher.

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