Never say never, and never say it’s forever.

Nothing is usual in the world of business. Business is a dynamic field, always on track with new trends, technologies and social behaviour. The only buildings not required to reflect these changes are museums, which we presume are not part of your mission or vision.

Real estate projects are a fact of life. At Facess, we present our clients with a bypass system to help them cope with these ongoing changes. Tasks and assignments limited in time and space are taken care of by our flexible and specialised experts.

Fields of expertise

Facess works with an expert team of project managers in the following fields:

Real estate, interim services, energy, relocation, project management

Our project managers are hired based on a fixed price when the project is clearly defined and delineated. Alternatively, they may perform their tasks on a time and expense basis.


Pricing is based on the following parameters:

  • Total duration
  • Estimated time commitment for our project manager (in terms of weeks)
  • Other competences/profiles required, which Facess (or partners) can provide