When you are in business, building projects are necessary. But if building is not your business, it is better to focus your attention on your core business and outsource the management and maintenance of it by introducing the best-suited facilities. Facess faces your facility management. Professionalism, commitment and dedication are keywords in our mission. Facess offers space and timefor your space. We provide answers after thorough research and an objective analysis, and offer the highest level of quality, performance and cost maintenance.

Fields of expertise

Our facility management covers a broad spectrum of activities:

Real estate, security, travel, catering, cleaning, interim services, retail, hospitality services, reception, print & mail, procurement, energy, technical maintenance, outsourcing, contract negotiations, archives and filing, insurance, event service, safety, …


An accurate timeline is important.

Facess responds to key questions prior to the planning and construction stages:

  • What is the overall aim?
  • Which locations offer the best potential?
  • How many m² do we need?
  • Is the construction fit for its purpose?

Facess responds to key questions during the construction stage:

  • Are the plans aligned with the way your organisation works?
  • Are any facilities already a topic of debate during the construction stage?
  • Is there enough flexibility to adjust to new technologies or new regulations?

Facess responds to key questions after construction is completed:

  • What about security, mobility, fleet management, energy and maintenance?
  • What about outsourcing certain services?
  • What about future reorganisations?
  • What about contract negotiations with future tenants?


Pricing is based on the following parameters:

  • The estimated total workload
  • The list of tasks to be managed by Facess
  • The level of expertise required
  • For offices in particular: the number of structures and the total surface area